About Edipaws

Hi, I’m Helen, and welcome to Edipaws!

About Edipaws

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I am the Founder and Director of Edipaws, I’m aged 30 and a complete animal nut! After 5 years in the media, redundancy opened up new avenues for me and I decided to take the plunge and start my own business, doing what I live for and that is being around animals. 8 years on and I have never looked back!

112Dogs are pack animals and originate from the wild, they don’t think like we do they think like they would in a pack, in the wild. So to establish a bond with my pack I stick as closely as possible to the way they would behave in the wild, especially with food and exercise, which are pretty much their main priorities in the wild – other than their health. Creating the pack effect on a walk not only gives a dog lots of other buddies to play with, but it also stimulates their natural scenes and makes it much more interesting than an everyday plod in the park. This is especially important for young dogs in developing their socialisation and helps your puppy mature into a happy, balanced and well-trained little pooch.

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council recently introduced a dog control order which limits the amount of dogs you can walk to 6 per person on public land. In all honesty I think 6 is enough actually. It is also a legal requirement for you as the dog handler, whether you are just the walker or the owner, to have control over the dogs that are in your care. Again a totally fair requirement I feel. So for this reason i do training with every single dog i take out. I feel it is important to be able to call any dog back to you at any point on the walk. Mainly for health and safety reasons.

What is incredible to see, is all the dogs working together and teaching each other. If you have 5 dogs with recall and a new dog that maybe has recall that isn’t quite so reliable, you call the 5 dogs and 6 dogs come running!! And with enough praise and time, the new dog learns very quickly that when you call it means come and its a good thing as we are about to get sausage or a yummy treat! 

About Edipaws 1I founded Edipaws to bring my passion for animals to my clients, and ensure that no matter what the service a dog or pet may require, you absolutely know that your animal loved ones are taken care of.

After nearly 8 years I still love Mondays. I am living the dream and spending every day with my best friends, my clients are as dear to me as family, and my business isn’t just my business…It is my entire life! When you have holiday home dogs living with you, it’s not a 9-5 Monday to Friday job – Your work is at home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but I love it and there is no way I would have it any other way.

On the days we do dog walking we walk directly out of my back gate on to acres and acres of fields and woodland with streams and bridges. I also more recently acquired my very own private field which i have fully secured and am currently filling it with exciting things to explore and play with. It is 2 acres and quite frankly a dream come true. Its smack bang in the middle of the country side with walks directly from the gate and offers the dogs more variety and a place for us to do recall training in a secure environment. In 2018 we are hoping to secure a second bit of land, woodland this time, which is 4 times the size of our field. And for those days that are absolutely tipping it down, more so in the winter, thanks to a lovely friend of mine, we are able to use a secure indoor sand school, which the dogs love, they think they are on the beach digging in the sand. So my goal is to offer as much variety and stimulation for them as possible, while being in a safe and secure environment with their friends.

All of the dogs in my pack are regular attendees and friendly. Why not check out the photos of what we get up to on the Edipaws Facebook page.

HelenMany people ask me where the name ‘Edipaws’ came from. It’s a nickname my sister and I used when we were much, much younger. We would call each other Edipaws (me) and Adipaws (my sister Alice) – and the name seemed perfect for the business because of the ‘paws’ part. Where it actually came from, I have no idea. My family still call me Edipaws or ‘Ed’…I could talk dog all day every single day, so if you have any queries whatsoever please do not hesitate to get in touch – I would simply love to hear from you!