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Day Care
Services 2I will collect your pooch by 10.30am, they will then spend the day with me and will basically have a dogs day out, consisting of walks, playing, visiting friends and chilling in the garden at my house. I will then drop your suitably pooped pooch home between 4pm and 6pm.

Dog Walking
Dog WalkingI will come to your house, collect your beloved pooch, take him/her for a full hours walk, ensuring they will be officially pooped by the time they return. They will be out for over an hour, to allow time for collection and delivery. Once home I will then towel them dry, feed them if required, and ensure they are  nicely settled before leaving.

Sole Attention – I am currently unable to offer sole attention services other than a pop in for feeding or medication requirements.

Pop In Service
Services 6I will pop in to your home and spend some quality time with your beloved pets, whether you are going on holiday, or stuck at work; this service is suitable for any pet, no matter how large or small, and whatever the situation – whether they require cuddles, a feed, a toilet break, medication or playtime. I will even water your plants!

If you are going on holiday I can pop in on a daily basis; or if you are stuck in a meeting at work, call me and I can pop round and let your dog out for a wee and or feed the horses etc.!

Holiday In My Home
Services 4I offer a holiday service for your beloved pooch, starting from either of my am or pm collection times. They will spend their time in my home, with my dogs, in a loving, friendly, warm environment rather then a kennel, and join in the walks i do in the day with the day cares and any puppy or play classes I may hold. It is kinder then a kennel, why not send your pooch on holiday too!

Puppy Sitting
Services 5We all know puppies cannot be left for as long as a yearling or adult, and require a bit more attention and socialisation. I will pop in to see your puppy and spend some time playing and training or anything you may require, such as a feed, or toilet break. If you have a puppy, I would also suggest you consider my day care option once they have had their second vacination, even if it was just for a couple of days a week, this will really help your puppy become more sociable and obedient at a younger age.

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Fresh Eggs
ChickensEdipaws also supply fresh eggs for £2 per box. When you book your service with Edipaws don’t forget to order your eggs and we can simply deliver them at no extra cost when we collect your beloved pooch!


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