Poppy (Bixon Frise cross)
I have known Helen for approx. 7 years. She is wonderful with my dog Poppy. Poppy was a very sensitive/nervous little dog and would only go out with me, putting the breaks on for anyone else to attempted to walk her and even running home. Now on the day she is due to go out, I put her collar on and she watches for Helen to come from the window, and when she arrives she rushes to the back door, tail wagging and comes home very happy. As a result of this, she will now let anyone in the family take her out. This has had an enormous positive impact on my life. Poppy would defiantly miss going out with Helen, in fact some days Helen parks her van outside my house to collect another dog on the road, on a day that Poppy is not going, and if she doesn’t collect Poppy, Poppy gets very put out! I would defiantly give Helen 5 stars, she does a brilliant job.


Bella (Cockerpoo)
I was really unsure about putting my dog in to Day Care as she was a very nervous around other dogs and humans she was unfamiliar with. I looked at various companies but Edipaws seemed so professional and friendly. Helen did a house visit first to meet Bella. She was great and reassured me that day care should be beneficial for her. She also said that if after a couple of weeks Bella hadn’t settled she would let me know as it would be un fair for Bella to go somewhere where she wasn’t Happy. Helen and Heidi built up a real trust with Bella so she knew they were her friends and within an few weeks she was just one of the pack! Bella is now a completely different dog. When out on a walk she wants to say hello and play with other dogs she sees. She gets excited when the pink van pulls up, and jumps in excited about the fun day she is about to have.

When comparing notes with other friends who send their dogs to Day Care, they mention how their dogs always come back smelly! Well Bella doesn’t. It is mentally noted that Helen and Heidi always make sure the van, blankets and dog mattresses are kept washed and clean, and Bella only ever comes back muddy, as you would expect from a real dog walk. We also thought Edipaws was extremely thoughtful in the hot weather earlier on in the year. It was too hot to put the dogs in the van, so they kept the dogs cool at home, entertaining them until we were able to collect the dogs.

I am so grateful to Edipaws and love looking at the photos Helen uploads on to the website where I can see Bella amongst the other dogs. She always looks like she is having a great time! Thank you Edipaws.


Nutmeg (Cockerpoo) 
From the moment we first spoke to Helen, we warmed to her and knew that we could trust her with our cockapoo puppy, Nutmeg. Helen has given us some excellent advice about training our puppy, which we are incredibly grateful for. For example, crate training, commands and socialisation tips.

Nutmeg has been going to Edipaws every week day since she was 15 weeks old and is almost 7 months old now.

Each day that Helen or Heidi arrive to collect Nutmeg, she can hardly contain her excitement! She loves Helen and Heidi and all of her Edipaws doggy friends so much.

Nutmegs development has come along in leaps and bounds and we are proud that she has grown to be a well socialised, loving and well behaved young doggy and we have Helen and Heidi to thank for this. Sending Nutmeg to Edipaws was the best decision we made for her and we can’t recommend their loving service strongly enough.


Nelson  (Golden Doodle)
Our Golden Doodle Nelson joined Helen’s Edipaws Gang almost 4 years ago at just 4 months of age. He has been with her 2-3 days a week ever since and in that time we have seen him change from a unruly puppy with little respect for rules, to a very well mannered young dog with excellent recall and listening skills. A lot of this is down to hard work from Helen whilst in her care and her giving us things to work on at home. He is now a pleasure to take to the local park or forest rather than him terrorising others or going for a swim in the lake.


Bluebell (Jack Russell)
Helen and Edipaws are just brilliant! I wouldn’t trust my slightly wayward jack russell with anyone else. Helen understands dogs completely and is the undisputed pack leader. Bluebell can’t wait to see her and her pack each day.  She comes back exhausted and happy.  I also know that if she has been a bit naughty I will be made aware so we can both action to reel her back in together, which all makes for a steady and well behaved dog.  Above all, I know that Bluebell is safe, well looked after and in responsible hands.

Jessica Stewart

Dougal (Labradoodle)
Dougal, our one year old puppy, has been looked after by Helen for about for about 3 years now. He is very lively and we had been having a few training problems, but Helen has been a tremendous help. Dougal waits excitedly for Helen each “walking day” and has benefitted greatly by socialising with other dogs. She is always happy to see him and he loves Helen. She is reliable and ready to fit in with any change of plans we may have. Not even bad weather affects her walks and Dougal is always happy when she brings him home. Helen’s concern for the dogs well being and safety is obvious and we would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Anne & Tony

Bob (Golden Retriever)
I came upon Edipaws quite by chance whilst trawling through the internet for professional dog walkers. Well what can I say – someone must have been looking down on me that day – I seem to have found the guardian angel for doggies! Bob really took to Helen when she came round to “vet” us and so did I. Firstly I used Edipaws for just a couple of walks but that soon turned into doggy day care and then holiday home. I think Bob prefers to be with Helen more than he does with us. She is clearly very knowledgeable, highly professional and very caring and much much more than just a dog walker. In fact, I’d happily put my kids in holiday home with her if she’d have them…… I would not hesitate in recommending Edipaws to anyone who wants their dog to be loved and cared for as much as they do themselves.

L. Courtney

Lidia and Dickie (Dogue De Bordeaux’s)
Helen was born to nurture and care for animals and is such a great advocate for her profession. She has always got such fantastic energy and both of our Dogue De Bordeaux’s (1 yr and 20 months) adore her, and have known her since being young 12 week old pups. As 2 full time workers we couldn’t do the jobs we have and justify keeping the dogs if she wasn’t in our lives, as the daily walks and care she provides makes all the difference. We trust Helen implicitly with our beloved animals and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to any responsible pet owner.

Kelly and Matt Dongworth

Tillie (Fox Terrior)
Edipaws makes dog ownership possible for us during the week and holidays. Helen is fantastic, friendly, flexible, and provides great advice too. Tillie really enjoys being with her and socialising with other dogs. We couldn’t wish for anything better.


Ozzie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)
Helen has helped us with Ozzie since we picked her up as a little puppy in July 2011. We both work in the city so Helen picks Ozzie up from our house for Day Care, and drops her back each week day, so she isn’t alone and has a day of fun with the other dogs, and she always comes home tired, clearly a sign of a great day! Helen also helped out with training and thanks to her we have an affectionate, happy & extremely friendly little dog who is great with kids – we are constantly getting compliments about how placid and relaxed Ozzie is. Ozzie is a staffy and it always pays to have the breed socialize with other dogs – and Ozzie loves it. She has made so many friends through Helen and has a great and fulfilled doggy life.

Helen has a happy and outgoing personality which is infectious and we feel she loves Ozzie just as much as we do – which is really important to us. She helps out by picking up things from the vet for us and giving Ozzie eye drops and antibiotics when she needs them and clipping her nails!!

Helen looked after Oz in Holiday Home when we got married earlier in the year and we felt really comforted knowing Helen was looking after Oz and that she was with all of her friends in familiar surrounds. Helen sent us updates on how Ozzie was doing and were about to see pictures on facebook while we were away which we loved – as we missed her like crazy! We are also about to have a baby and Helen has offered to take Ozzie as soon as we need to go to the hospital which is re-assuring.

Helen goes above and beyond the call of duty and her love of animals is really infectious. We really don’t know what we would do without Helen – she is an amazing support and we feel that Ozzie is part of her extended family. We can not recommend Helen and her team highly enough!

Mark and Jo Lawrence

Hana (German Spitz)
Helen has been walking our dog Hana for approximately 4 years now. She is reliable, trustworthy and I would happily recommend her to anyone who is looking for a dog walker.

Helen is very flexible with dates and has often been able to drop in and check on Hana when we’ve made a last minute request. Most importantly, Hana seems much happier when we get home at night if she has been out with Helen for a walk during the day. Thanks for everything!

Angela O’Connor

Bruno (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)
In the year that Helen has been walking Bruno, my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I have been amazed at the difference she has made to his overall demeanour. The lead he once used to try and chew through is now used as a beckoning tool when out walking because of the positive association he has formed with walks. I have often sent Bruno to stay with Helen for weekends and sometimes use her services when I don’t even need to as he enjoys being with her and her dogs so much! I would strongly recommend Helen’s reliable services to anyone.