Terms & Conditions

By booking any services with Edipaws LTD, you are agreeing to my Terms and Conditions. It is important to read these in full and ensure you are in full agreement. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries.

I require a free consultation prior to the booking of any services. I will come and meet you and your pooch in your home so you can meet me too and we can see if our services can help at all. Consultations are without obligation. You are not required to book any services.

All bookings must be with me no later than 11am on a Friday for the week ahead. I work on a ‘first come first served’ basis and spaces are never guaranteed. If you know what you need, even if it is 6 months in advance, please book as soon as you know, via text message, and await for my confirmation text reply. Until this reply is received your booking is not confirmed. My work phone is switched off evenings and weekends.

There are two booking options – Rolling or ad hoc. 

Rolling – is an automatic repeat booking so your service is automatically booked each week/month, for peace of mind, so you don’t have to remember to book and your space is then guaranteed.

Ad hoc – you are required to text me bookings as and when you require them however spaces are not guaranteed.

For holiday home, the dogs live in my home so my spaces are limited. For summer holidays I am normally fully booked a year in advance, so early booking is highly recommended.

Ad hoc – Please inform me ASAP or no later than 24 hours before the service is required.

Rolling and Holiday Home – A full 5 working days is required.

NB – If notice is given in less than the times specified, payment is still required in full for the full booking. Deposits are non-refundable. If for any reason I am unable to get to you then the above does not apply and there will be no charge. In snowy conditions I will not drive and you are welcome to drop your dog to me.

Payment is required in full upon collection of your dog for services required that week and holiday home payments are required in full on arrival, either by cash or balance transfer – e.g. if you have booked a walk for Tues and Fri, payment for the 2 days services are required in full on the Tuesday. I do not accept cheques. If payment is not received in accordance to these terms and conditions, I will not be obliged to honour booking arrangements.

Account details for WALKS: sort 202400 account 73094243  REF: the name of your dog unless specified.

Account details for DAYCARE: sort 202400 account 63360547  REF: the name of your dog unless specified.

Holiday Home
A non-refundable £50 deposit is required for all Holiday Home bookings. Unless the deposit is received in full, your booking will not be confirmed. Under the Rules and Regulation of Reigate and Banstead borough council, for your dog to come and stay with me in my home, the following applies:

  • A photocopy of current vaccinations for my records. I will not hold original copies.
  • The Kennel cough vaccination must NOT have been administered within 7 days prior coming to stay. The vaccination carries the virus and I will not be able to take your dog if this is the case.
  • If your dog becomes ill while staying with me I will place your dog in isolation if necessary either with myself or a kennel at your own expense, until recovered or your return. If treatment is required by a vet I will try and get them to your own vet, however if it is urgent I reserve the right to take them immediately to my own vet which is the crown vet in Nutfield. Your are responsible for all vet fee’s. If your dog displays unwanted behaviour while in my care, I reserve the right to find alternative kennelling at your own expense.
  • All food is to be supplied in a labelled, air tight container with clear feeding instructions.
  • Whilst in my care I will remove collars and replace with a collar containing my own contact details. Should your dog damage or destroy this, or anything whilst on my property, you will be expected to pay for its replacement.
  • I reserve the right to refuse receipt of your dog if I feel it is in ill health.

Food and Medication
Please ensure the necessary food and medication is available if you require me to feed or medicate your pooch or pet. Please ensure I have the relevant instructions as to how/when either is required.

Edipaws is fully ensured for all services provided, however it is down to you as the owner of the pet to ensure the correct insurance is in order for your pet/ property. Edipaws LTD will not be held responsible or liable in the unfortunate event of loss/ damage or injury to your pet or property, from my providing services required.

Dog Requirements
Dogs or bitches (full): It is important you tell me if your dog has or has not been neutered or spayed. I am not able to provide any services for bitches in season nor full males over the age of 8 Months, however this is at my discretion. If I feel a dog’s behaviour is not acceptable I will make you aware, or if a bitch is in season or comes into season while in my care I have the right to refuse receipt or find alternative kennelling. I will place them in isolation until your return and Edipaws LTD will not be held responsible if any ‘mishaps’ were to occur.

Vaccinations:  It is down to you the owner of the dog to have the necessary vaccinations. For holiday home, up to date vaccinations are compulsory. Kennel cough is NOT compulsory and must not have been administered with the last 7 days. Microchipping is compulsory and on arrival will be scanned and the number logged on our systems for security and licensing requirements.

Socialisation: It is in your interest to tell me if your dog has any problems socialising. You, the dog owner, are liable for any injury caused by your dog, to any person or pet. I reserve the right to muzzle your dog or use a halti head-collar, if I feel he/she puts either my safety or any other dogs in my care at risk.

I will do my best to ensure all dogs in my care are healthy and safe, but please do recognise that dogs will be dogs, they are live animals, incidents may happen when dogs get together and I cannot be held liable regarding these incidents. Edipaws LTD is not liable for injuries or illness that any animal may occur or inflict, whilst in my care.

Drop Off and Collection 
I will leave your pet as found. If your dog gets wet or muddy I will dry legs and tummies as well as I can however it is down to you to supply the towel and clear instructions as to where I should leave your dog if it return wet. I provide time windows for when I will be collecting and returning your pooch, however these times are not guaranteed and I reserve the right to change the time slightly, enabling me to continue getting to all my clients that day. Drop off and collection is included in the price however if you live outside of Redhill, Reigate or Merstham a fee may apply.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, please leave me with your contact details, and an emergency contact. If for any reason I am unable to reach you or your second contact, I reserve the right to make medical decisions on your behalf for the best care of your pet, and you will be responsible for any vet bills that result from getting your pet the medical attention required.

If for any reason I am unable to get to your beloved pet due to sickness, injury or if my vehicle breaks down, I reserve the right to ask a trusted friend to enter your property to provide the service required, to ensure your pet is not left for a long period or until you return.

Page 3 of the terms and conditions is simply a signature to show you have read and agree with the terms and conditions which I keep. I reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any point, and it is important you keep an eye on any updated versions which are permanently available to view at www.edipawsdogwalking.co.uk.

To print and sign or download as a PDF please click on the below image: