Meet the Team

The EdipawsTeam

Helen – Founder & Director
MeHi, I’m Helen, and a complete animal nut! Here is an opportunity to find out a little more about my amazing team, or click here to read a bit more About Edipaws. I provide all Day Care Services, and spend my day with my best friends (the dogs of course)! Come rain, snow or shine, on walks or snuggling up inside at my house…With a diploma in Animal Health, and Animal Communication. I have owned many different types of animals ranging from horses, to gerbils and chinchillas. The loves of my life are my seven dogs (please see images below). ‘Seven’ I hear you say! But if I did any other job I couldn’t have that many – I class myself as very lucky indeed. To be fair, 4 of them are miniature dachshunds (sausage dogs) which are equally the size of one spaniel. They are as dear to me as children, and my parents are beginning to realise they have dachshunds rather than grandchildren!

My 4Meet my Dachshunds, from the Left: Dory, Suki, Toffee, and Mr Chips!


Meet my bigger dogs, from the left: Cassie and Meg (my Collies), and Bob my Golden Retriever.

I am so incredible lucky to have Bob, he started as a clients and when circumstances sadly changed his owners realised they simply didn’t have the time for him. I offered him a home immediately and we still keep in touch, he certainly has the best of both worlds yet I am 100% the lucky one.

Xanthe – Groomer
XantheSurrounded by rescue dogs her entire life, Xanthe has completed The Canine Behaviour Centre’s course in dog psychology which covers history of canine behaviourism including theory and modern application, examining ways of dealing with problem behaviour generally in dog suffering from separation anxiety and aggression.  She also volunteered at Battersea dogs home as a dog socialiser which involved working with the rescue dogs to get them ready for rehoming, and was there for over 5 years.

TTouch – Xanthe is also a fully qualified TTouch or Tellington Touch therapist. TTouch is a method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body. The intent of the TTouch is to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence – a little like “turning on the electric lights of the body” assisting in speeding up the healing of injuries or ailments, or changing undesirable habits or behaviour.

On top of this of course, Xanthe has completed the Dog Grooming City and Guilds certificate and uses her extensive training to help any dogs that may find grooming a slightly more stressful experience, giving any dog, especially that require grooming regularly, an improved and happier quality of life in a practical, hands on way.

Heidi – Dog Walker & General Leave Support
HeidiMeet Heidi, one of my best best friends. We met when she enquired in to buying one of my Dachshund puppies 6 years ago, and boy am I glad she did. She owns Leni (now 5) and would appear to be one of the best mums to her 4 girls, and one of the most super organised people I have ever known.

Not only does she look after my dogs on occasion, she has also been providing holiday cover for me and my clients, on the rare occasion I have gone away, to try and impact as few clients as possible. It has been so crucial for me to have a back up, be it a flat tyre or emergency a client has found them self in, Heidi has always been at the end of the phone ready to support all of us…So thank you Heidi!

Anna – Work Experience
AnnaMeet Anna. 3 years ago I was approached by a channel 5, who were filming with Kerry Catona, talking about different avenues of work for young people, and they featured Anna in this programme, who had always expressed an interest in walking dogs. Well, 3 years on and she is still walking with me and has completed a farming and animal behaviour course at Merrist Wood College, as well as an animal first aid course at Berkshire College of Agiculture. Come rain or shine Anna is always there to walk with us and join in the fun. What an asset to the Edipaws team, I don’t know what we would do without her, and boy do the dogs love her!

The Vansnew-the-vans-photoLook out for our mobile offices around the local area, bright and colourful, you can’t miss us. No expense has been spared to ensure the dogs travel time is as comfortable and as safe as possible.paw_print_small